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A Deal Knox College Couldn’t Refuse


Steve Hall is the Vice President and CIO of Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois. When he first sat down with Stratus Co-Founder, John Petrakis, they talked big picture. “The cost of extending infrastructure to Knox was not inconsequential,” says Hall. “Stratus did not pass the cost of the fiber build through to Knox and the bandwidth was very competitively priced. During our initial conversations John asked what needed to be done for Stratus to earn our business. I shared my vision about Knox and Galesburg and asked him to offer me a deal I couldn’t refuse. He did, and a year into our relationship we are expanding our business with Stratus.”

Learn more about how Stratus is collaborating with Knox College from Mr. Hall:

What makes Stratus different from the prior communications solutions providers you’ve worked with in the past? Stratus has been willing to craft solutions for Knox. Instead of being offered a menu of services and asked to choose, I work collaboratively with the business and technical teams at Stratus to build solutions that are mutually beneficial to both of us.

What type of value does Stratus bring to Knox College?Having access to the top decision makers in the company who can discuss both business and technical issues gives Stratus agility that is really valuable and a strategic asset in an ISP and telecommunication partner.

Knox is building a portfolio of partners of which Stratus is key element. We need Internet and telecommunications services from multiple vendors as we execute our strategic plan and Cloud strategies. Knox needs services offered by large providers with a national and international footprint and infrastructure. At the same we need partners with the agility and technical and administrative acumen required to build custom solutions that enable us to respond in the competitive and dynamic Higher Ed marketplace.

This is where Stratus fits into our solution ecosystem – they have the agility, talent and willingness to engage us on a personal level and understand our business needs and requirements. Stratus goes beyond offering us services. They help us execute our plans and strategies.

Have you seen an evolution in your business relationship with Stratus?
Yes. A little over a year ago Stratus and Knox entered into an agreement. We both looked at this initial arrangement as a “getting to know you” period. We’ve gotten to know each other and have expanded our relationship recently. I look forward to working with the Stratus in the future and feel confident that Knox has found a partner that can provide excellent service, competitive prices and much needed agility to our technology infrastructure.



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