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Stratus offers a unique value proposition on Data center colocation. We do not own or operate any data center facilities, instead we choose to invest in expanding our network. This gives us the ability to be 100% impartial in our advice and recommendations.

Our strength lies in the unique relationships we have with the best data centers centers around the country. Each customer’s needs are unique and Stratus pairs every customer with the proper collocation partner. With our own fiber network, combined with our partners’, we can get any customer into any data center with the bandwidth requirements needed to successfully execute their business operations.

Choose Stratus to ensure you get the most competitive rates from the right data centers for collocation.


Disaster Recovery


Any number of unforeseen circumstances can deeply impact a business that is not properly prepared for an unexpected disaster. From simple power outages to natural disasters, business operations can be forced to come to a stand still. Stratus’s goal is to not just prevent downtime, but to to do it in a cost-effective manner. Our offerings will allow your organization to add security and increase network reliability.

We are data center aqnostic which allows us to set our hardware in redundant, unrelated secure facilities. We can seemlessly build our secure nodes directly into your network as if they were onsite. Plus, we customize everything to ensure getting your data in and out is a seamless process.

Our offerings include:

  • Bandwidth on Demand for sudden bandwidth increases
  • Business Continuation Routing that provides call forwarding and call routing to maintain operations
  • Data Backup and Storage for remotely and safely storing data that you can always reach
  • Data Circuit Rerouting to re-route traffic, instantly eliminating the reliance on one “dead end” location

If you’re looking for for peace of mind when it comes to hosting data, turn to Stratus. We offers both shared and dedicated servers to host your data and in case of disaster or outage we’ll replicate in as many places as needed.


Hosted Services


Stratus offers the latest and greatest Firewall technology in our cloud. Ideal for a single-site customer or multi-location enterprise, we provide a complete firewall solution to protect your business. Any business implementing a defensive IT strategy can take advantage of the latest technology. Let our experts manage, monitor and maintain network security. We take all the stress off of managing equipment and patch updates off your plate. With external pressure constantly trying to attack your network you need a customized solution to fit your needs and Stratus is the perfect partner to not only customize, but host that security.

Web Security

With our cloud-based Web Security we can set your mind at ease that we are blocking spyware, viruses, malware and phishing scams before they reach your network. We use the best technology available to enforce web browsing security and we can customize a solution for your business needs and enforce the policies you have in place. Whether it’s providing visibility into web usage through reporting on a user or group basis, blocking sites, controlling content or blocking web threats, we have you covered– without the need to buy and maintain costly hardware. Contact us and we’ll automate and simplify all of your web security needs.


Direct Peering

Stratus offers the ability to connect your private network directly with hundreds of content or cloud companies. These direct connections will ease network congestion, increase security and free up internet bandwidth. Stratus can infuse connections of up to 10 gigs directly into  your network environment, enabling your company to have a dedicated connection to one or multiple cloud providers without ever touching the internet.

Our offerings include:

  • Direct VLAN for access to peering with hundreds of companies including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Service
  • Support for industry standard IEEE 802.1Q trunking encapsulation
  • Private VLAN for direct bi-lateral peering or communities of interest


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