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Daniel Fischer, Director at Better Banks of Central Illinois, talks about networking success and his 12-year relationship with Stratus.

“I work with all the telecos and ISPs in the area one way or another,” he says. “I give Stratus every circuit I can because I consider them the best partner available.”

Daniel lists his most important considerations for choosing a communications partner:

  • Cost
  • Responsiveness
  • Local service presence
  • Commitment to the community
  • Appropriateness of the solution
  • Scalability of the solution

“If cost was the only factor,” he goes on to say, “I might be able to beat the Stratus price by a few percentage points. But I’ve had my fill of overseas help desks that seem to specialize in nothing but making excuses! Time is, in fact, money. And the few percentage points I’d save would be long lost in downtimes, frustration and finger pointing. Stratus saves me from all that.”

Daniel says he makes sure to sit down with Stratus regularly, discussing “What if,” and “I need…,” or “I sure wish you could,” which, in his opinion, “results in “creative and open solutions that none of the multi-national, monolithic phone companies can match.”

Key to the business relationship between Stratus and Better Banks, says Daniel, is personal attention. “Stratus does a nice job of listening to our needs, our wants and our visions. I’m certain they’re like that with all their customers. It’s just the way they roll.”

Daniel stresses the importance of the commitment to success Stratus shows when working with him on Better Banks’ ever-changing needs. “I will guarantee you that every Stratus employee knows I hold them accountable for their performance. And boy, they deliver that performance in ways you really have to respect.”

Would Daniel Fischer recommend Stratus? “Yes, but not to my competitors. Ever!”

For more information on Better Banks, their locations and services, link through to their website.

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