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IPMR – Helping the People of Peoria

Ditka and Jersey

Do you know the Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation? One of the biggest unknowns about IPMR is that it is a nonprofit organization, and that it also has its own Foundation, which is a separate 501c3. These are two important things to know, as they illustrate the commitment IPMR has to give back to the community.

The mission of the Rehabilitation Foundation of IPMR is to support the charitable purposes and service excellence of IPMR. Its vision, to fuel IMPR’s leadership in advancing health and personal independence, is evident in the Foundation’s work. One example is the STAR Oncology Program. In a little over a year, the Foundation has been able to offer much needed financial assistance to almost 500 oncology patients in the community through the STAR Scholarship program.

You can also see it in all the work done by IPMR clinicians and staff. Every day, the remarkable work they do to enhances the quality of life of our patients is evident anywhere you look. It is so inspiring and humbling to be surrounded by so many big hearted and extraordinarily talented people.  Staff are often asked “What’s the best thing about working at IPMR?” The answer is always “I love working with such passionate people, and helping the community of Peoria.” You can really see the passion everyone has at IPMR to be the best they can be, and to enhance the lives of everyone who walks through the doors.

Recently, IPMR celebrated their generous Foundation donors and the hard work of the volunteers at a reception with legendary football coach Mike Ditka. At this event, the Foundation raised over $40,000 that will help bring some new equipment so several facilities in the tri county area!

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  1. You guys are doing great work!

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