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Multi LinQos

  • Tl 1.54meg through GigE
  • VPN network or more advanced MPLS networks
  • Firewalled Internet Access On same network at remote or head end
  • Remote Secure Access to networks for roaming employees, including wireless access
Stratus delivers performance, savings and peace of mind for all of its customers.
  • Competitive rates
  • Unsurpassed security
  • True speeds on a tier 1 network
  • Remote Secure Access to networks for roaming employees, including wireless access
  • Carrier Neutrality
  • Flexible billing options
  • Dedicated project management for every deployment
  • 24/7 network surveillance and support


MultiLinQos, Stratus Networks MPLS/VPN service, provides scalable IP connectivity for a wide range of demanding business application. Whether it’s connecting two offices in the same city or state or 100 branches across the country or world, MPLS/VPN services enables a wide range of applications.

  • Connect VolP networks across the city, state, country or world
  • Extend or connect LAN’s between sites
  • High bandwidth Internet access
  • Video conferencing and streaming
  • Cloud-based services and multi-homed applications
  • Remote access for mobile employees


Scalable, flexible and adaptable MultiLinQos services deliver results. By employing MultiLinQos connectivity businesses can rapidly respond to changing demands, congestion or outages by simply and dynamically reconfiguring network connections and throughputs. Stratus delivers a full suite of connectivity options for every business.

  • VPN or MPLS network configurations
  • Dedicated Internet access
  • Shared network, firewalled Internet access
  • Bandwidths from Ds-1 through GigE in 1 Mb/s increments
  • Copper or optical hand-offs
  • Secure remote access for mobile employees, including wireless


Stratus Networks, Inc. is a leading national provider of data, voice and Internet services to all sizes of businesses and government agencies. Offering unparalleled support and an extensive selection of innovative solutions, Stratus Networks has grown to be recognized as a premier carrier in the telecommunications marketplace.

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