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Stratus Networks utilizes only the highest quality products and services in the marketplace for our team of qualified experts to test and then deliver to our customers. We continue to grow with the market and offer the latest variety of services to meet just about every customer demand. No need to piece together service providers or sort through a barrage of invoices…we have you covered. Contact Us or submit a quote request today.

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Data Services

Connect to your local, national and
international locations with our
state-of-the-art IP, data, and Internet
access services.


Voice Services

Choose any combination of access
methods from simple switched to
dedicated service.


Cloud Services

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written and received.


Construction Services

Stratus Networks Construction Services was launched in 2013 due to the rapid growth and increased demand of our private fiber network. By having our own dedicated construction and splicing company, Stratus can rapidly respond to customer needs, providing an even higher level of service and quality control.

Telecom construction requires elevated industry knowledge and skill sets. By utilizing Stratus’ Construction Services, we keep costs lower for our customers as well as our own fiber network build-outs. Our construction crew and staff have many years of experience applying state-of-the-art applications to telecom construction and maintenance services.

Throughout the next year, Stratus is building out over 100 customer sites and adding more than 500 miles of additional fiber. Stratus Networks and Stratus Construction Services continue to adapt and grow to ensure we provide the best quality service to every one of our business customers.

We offer the following services: Underground boring, splicing, maintenance and location, emergency restoration.

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