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SIP Trunking

Sip trunk features
  • Burst capacity
  • Number mobility
  • Call configuration
  • Voice codec compression customizable
  • Full call functionality
  • Priority routing
  • Business Continuity
sip trunk benefits
Stratus delivers performance, savings and peace of mind for all of its customers.
  • Competitive rates
  • Unsurpassed security
  • Reduced costs
  • Share your resources
  • Converged voice and data
  • Simple billing
  • System compatibility
  • 24/7 network surveillance and support

why SI P Trunking

SIP trunking from Stratus Networks allow businesses of all sizes that have an in-house IP-PBX system to replace traditional ISDN and PSTN lines resulting in combined voice, internet, and WAN traffic over a single IP connection. In other words, By serving as a converter between a legacy phone system and a company’s Internet connection, a SIP-trunking device allows the data network to carry voice traffic.

SIP trunking can offer significant cost-savings by eliminating the need for local PSTN gateways, costly ISDN BRIs (Basic Rate Interfaces) or PRIs (Primary Rate Interfaces). By utilizing SIP trunks, businesses can purchase high quality of service-enabled Internet or MPLS connections from Stratus.

SI P Trunking components

Three key components are necessary to utilize SIP trunking:

  • An IP PBX – It communicates with all endpoints over an IP network. and can also switch calls between VoIP users on local lines while allowing all users to share a number of external phone lines.
  • ITSP (Internet telephony service provider) – The ITSP ensures connectivity to the PSTN from an IP network and transports IP communications across a private IP network or public Internet.
  • Border element – Border elements are usually managed by the service provider and ifacilitates connectivity between an enterprise IP network, the PSTN, and an external IP-carrier network. The border element may consist of a SIP-capable firewall, a SIP-enabling edge device, or a switch to transfer calls into and out of the PSTN.


Stratus Networks, Inc. is a leading national provider of data, voice and Internet services to all sizes of businesses and government agencies. Offering unparalleled support and an extensive selection of innovative solutions, Stratus Networks has grown to be recognized as a premier carrier in the telecommunications marketplace.

For more information about solutions, service or pricing please contact your Stratus Networks representative directly.

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