Cloud Based Firewall

How Secure is Your Network?

The Internet is a valuable tool for your business. With Internet speeds increasing and the cost of storage decreasing, Software as a Service (SaaS) providers are moving their applications to the Cloud. While the Cloud is efficient and effective, if your network is not properly secured and protected, it could prove to be a liability, putting your entire network at risk.

Our Hosted Services

We offer several services hosted in our cloud, including firewall and web security.

Stratus Networks offers only the most effective and highest performing products and services to our customers based on their goals and network. Each solution we provide is developed and tested by our team of qualified experts before being delivered to you.

Stratus Networks' Hosted Firewall

Stratus offers state-of-the-art firewall technology in our cloud, suited for both single-site customers and multi-location enterprises. Our firewall is a complete solution to protect your business from incoming cyber-attacks.

Take the stress of managing equipment and patch updates off of your plate, and let our experts manage, monitor, and maintain the security of your network. With external threats constantly putting pressure on your network, you need a customized solution to fit your needs. Stratus is the perfect partner to not only customize, but to host and manage your network security.

Stratus Networks' Hosted Web Security

Set your mind at ease with Stratus Networks' cloud-based Web Security. Our hosted security service will effectively block spyware, viruses, malware, and phishing scams before they reach your network.

We use advanced technology to enforce web-browsing security and can customize a solution for the needs of your business, while enforcing internal policies. With our Web Security service, you can get all of the benefits of the leading security services and software without needing to purchase and maintain costly hardware.

Managed Firewall from Stratus Networks

Business conducted over the Internet continues to expand, requiring every organization to consistently evaluate their protection from attacks or breaches. With Managed Firewall from Stratus Networks, we’ll keep your network and data safe, blocking harm from infiltrating your system.

What is a Managed Firewall?

A Managed Firewall is a service offered by internet providers and telecommunications companies that provides managed security. The service provider configures, administers, monitors, supports, and creates reports based on the performance of the firewall.

Managed Firewall systems are a replacement of the model where organizations maintained a “Firewall at every location.”

Is Your Network Protected? Stratus Can Help.