FLEX Cloud, IaaS

Our fully integrated Cloud software service was designed with simplicity and ease in mind so we can build, deploy, and manage your cloud data centers and services fast and efficiently.   The Flex Umbrella of Services provides the complete stack for building a private cloud infrastructure that is scalable to grow with your business. This includes everything you need:  Compute, Virtualization, Storage and Networking; it’s all covered.

Five Major Benefits


Flexibility – Control and flexibility in a dedicated environment that’s tailor-made to address your specific IT needs.

Cost Transparency – Unmetered fixed billing means surprise costs are a thing of the past. Stratus services are pay-as-you-grow, providing a flexible pricing model.

Scalability – Ensures that as your business grows, resources can be scaled on-demand and without interruption to your services.

Ease of Use – An easy to use web-based management console, for efficiency adding new storage volumes, virtual networks, and new computing environments.

Security – Private cloud offers the most control over security, without requiring rearchitecting of your security perimeters.

Technical Key Advantages

  • Private transport to Flex platform, not using the public Internet
  • Low latency, high speed access
  • Cost effective, initial and ongoing investment needs
  • Supported by diverse geo-redundant datacenters on our backbone
  • Fixed vs metered billing
  • Elastic resources and user controlled over provisioning
  • Security to meet all IT requirements
  • Bring your own VM images (OVA, VMDK, ISO)
  • SPLA windows licensing

Key Features


Fully Integrated complete Stack

Built from the ground up with full integration of everything needed to deploy and manage complete cloud data centers.

Securely Nested Multi-Tenancy

The only solution that provides secure, nested multi-tenancy. This tenancy model provides dedicated instances of the complete Flex Umbrella.

Enterprise Grade Infrastructure Services

High availability with no single point of failure delivers the best customer experience possible.

Data Center Automation

Allows for management of recourses as a complete virtual data center presented through an easy to use web-based management console.

High Performance Elastic Storage

Similar to blockchain technology, the Stratus vSAN guarantees data integrity through the use of cryptographic hashes.

Unlimited Scalability

Designed to grow with your needs from a simple pair of servers at a remote branch office to a rack-scale platform to power Enterprises. Fault-tolerant resources can be scaled out on-demand, without service interruption.