Keep Your Entire Business Connected with MultiLinQ from Stratus Networks

Businesses with multiple locations, whether a few offices in the same city or 100 branches located across the country, face difficult challenges when creating and implementing an efficient and secure Virtual Private Network (VPN).

To provide a reliable and secure network tailored to meet the specific needs of a multi-site business, Stratus Networks developed MultiLinQ, a managed virtual private network service.

Is your company’s information protected with a virtual private network? Stratus is here to help.

What are Managed VPN Services?

A managed VPN securely connects multiple locations of a business with each other using private and protected broadband network access.

MultiLinQ Specifications and Options:

  • Private Network Performance
  • Ability to Prioritize Applications
  • Private Cloud Options
  • A Wide Variety of Internet Options via Stratus Cloud
  • T1 1.54meg through GigE
  • VPN Networks
  • Firewalled Internet Access
  • Remote Secure Access

MultiLinQ from Stratus Networks

MultiLinQ, Stratus Networks' Managed VPN Services, provides scalable IP connectivity for businesses with multiple locations running demanding business applications. MultiLinQ's scalable, flexible, and adaptable managed VPN service will allow your business to:

  • Connect VoIP Networks Across the City, State, Country, or World
  • Extend or Connect LANS Between Sites
  • Access High Bandwidth Internet
  • Utilize Video Conferencing and Streaming
  • Use Cloud-Based Services and Multi-Homed Applications
  • Give Remote Access to Employees

By employing MultiLinQ’s connectivity, your business will be able to rapidly respond to changing demands, congestion, or outages by reconfiguring network connections and throughputs. Additional advantages of choosing Stratus to develop and manage your organization's Designated Internet Access (DIA) include:

  • 24/7 Network Surveillance and Support
  • Comprehensive Security
  • Carrier Neutrality
  • Fast Tier 1 Network Speed
  • Dedicated Project Management for Deployment
  • Flexible Billing Options

Discover How MultiLinQ Will Keep Every Branch of Your Business Connected.