Private Line

Secure Your Communications with a Private Line

Private and secure lines of communication are vital to the operations of every business. A private line helps ensure that communications between one location of your business and another stays private.

Private Line from Stratus Networks

Stratus Networks' Private Line was designed to be secure, reliable, and easy to integrate into your network. Establishing a private connection between your multiple business locations will be simple and effective with our Private Line service.

What is a Private Line?

A private line is a dedicated line of communication established between pre-determined locations within an organization. When properly designed, installed, and maintained, private lines provide a secure and reliable connection between multiple locations within a business.

Benefits of utilizing a Stratus Networks Private Line in your business include:

  • Connecting PBX's Across the City, State, Country or World
  • Direct and Dedicated Server Access
  • Database Mirroring and Back-Up
  • Dedicated Video Conferencing Links
  • High-Speed File and Image Transfer
  • Remote Monitoring and Control Systems

Private Line Specifications and Options:

  • Point-to-Point or Multi-Point Topologies
  • Bandwidths from T-1 (1.544 Mb/s) through OCx
  • Ethernet Options from 5 Mb/s through multi-Gigabit
  • Fully-Diverse Backbone Network for Business Continuity
  • Disaster Recovery Ready
  • Local, Intrastate, Interstate and Global Coverage

Establish a Private Line with Stratus Networks.