Take Control of Your Network with SD-WAN

Don't let an inefficient network hold your business hostage. Get control and flexibility with your organization's network to save on costs and make adjustments as needed to get the highest level of performance.

What is SD-WAN?

A WAN (Wide Area Network) is a public or private communications network that is spread out geographically and used to connect the various parts of the network together. For your business, a traditional WAN allows you to connect your branches, shared cloud services, and your headquarters to the same network.

One of the newest and most innovative technologies in the Telecom world is SD-WAN. SD-WAN (software defined wide area networking) allows your business to install, manage, and analyze your network in real-time, giving your organization both network flexibility and control.

SD-WANs are able to oversee multiple WAN connections, which can be easily added or removed from your network. With an SD-WAN, your organization will be able to route and prioritize traffic based on the applications you are using and also based on the immediate health of each data link. This network will also allow your company to fully utilize all of your available bandwidth, and have your traffic dynamically route over each link with the same performance as a fully private network.

Stratus Networks SD-WAN

Stratus Networks' SD-WAN solution is currently in development and will be available shortly. We have been evaluating our SD-WAN plans and partnerships closely in order to offer your company the reliability of a Stratus provided network with the added benefit of SD-WAN to improve the overall performance of your network.

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