Software-Defined Wide Area Network

Does your business have multiple locations, remote sites, or a network of branch offices? Is your company increasingly relying on cloud services? If so, a technology called software-defined wide area network, or SD-WAN, could improve your business performance and Business Continuity.

How our SD-WAN Service Works

SD-WAN relies on software — instead of routers and other hardware — to direct and manage network traffic. SD-WAN routes data over multiple types of commercially available Data services including Dedicated and Broadband Internet, MPLS, Ethernet Private Line (EPL) and Wireless services like LTE, 5G and Microwave.

SD-WAN uses a centralized control function incorporating user defined application and routing policies, to provide highly secure, dynamic, application-aware network traffic management.

This level of control allows for optimal delivery paths across any combination of network transport type, providing flexible deployment options and improved total cost of ownership.

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SD-WAN is typically more cost-effective than older wide area network technologies.

A Stratus SD-WAN solution offers greater resiliency and efficiency by routing data over the strongest available connection at any given time.

SD-WAN provides more control by allowing you to prioritize which processes and applications move data first. For example, you could ensure that social media use does not derail the quality of a video conference or VoIP phone calls.

SD-WAN makes this prioritization even easier than before because administrators can make changes to such rules quickly.

With SD-WAN, companies can make changes for remote sites from any location, rather than manually re-provisioning routers onsite. And they can monitor network performance digitally.

The Stratus SD-WAN powered by Versa architecture was modeled with these objectives: Manageability & Cost, Performance, and Security.

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Versa Architecture Explained

Versa Director provides the essential management, monitoring and orchestration capabilities needed to deliver Versa’s software-defined services from a single pane-of-glass console:

  • Life-cycle management and CRUD operations
  • Multi-organizational support and management
  • Centralized application policy management integrated with 3rd party orchestration, SDN and management tools
  • Multi-Service chain definition, deployment and management of physical and virtual services.

Versa Analytics is a big data solution that provides real-time and historical visibility, baselining, correlation, prediction and closed-loop feedback for Versa software defined solutions.

  • Policy driven data logging framework
  • Real-time and Historical traffic usage and anomaly detection
  • Reporting for multiple network and security services
  • Multi-organizational reporting
  • 3rd party Application and monitoring tool integration
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About Versa Networks

Founded by network industry veterans, Versa Networks is an innovative vendor in the SD-WAN and SD-Security market. Versa’s solutions enable service providers and large enterprises to transform the WAN and branch networks to achieve unprecedented business advantages. Versa’s carrier-grade NFV software provides unmatched agility, cost savings, and flexibility, compared to traditional network hardware.

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