Cloud PBX

Get More from Your Telephone System. Spend Less.

Telephone systems are a vital part of nearly every business, and without the right system in place, expensive to maintain. With advances in technology, traditional corporate phone systems have been made obsolete.

With Cloud PBX, your organization can update your phone system to streamline communicating by phone and save expenses on equipment and labor costs.

Cloud PBX from Stratus Networks

One of the primary benefits of implementing a Cloud PBX system from Stratus Networks is the added advantage your company will receive from being able to store and transfer telephone data over the Internet instead of internal hardware. This will spare your company the expense of bulky PBX hardware and the staff required to operate it.

Stratus Networks is currently developing a Cloud PBX service that will improve your company's communications by allowing multiple phone lines and a large base of employees to function more effectively and efficiently than ever before using cloud technology.

What is PBX?

PBX stands for Public Branch Exchange. A PBX is used to properly route calls at a high volume to the correct employee and office location. Traditional PBX machines were large and expensive pieces of hardware that were stored onsite and manually operated.

More information will be available in mid-2018. To take advantage of Stratus Networks' Cloud PBX when available, contact

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