Traditional Voice Services

Stay Connected with the Right Long-Distance Service & Local PRI for Your Company

Is your long-distance service or local PRI preventing your business from establishing a strong connection with customers and employees from around the world? When a simple, high-quality, reliable phone line is important to your business, trust Stratus Networks’ long-distance phone service and local PRI to become an asset for your business, instead of a hassle.


We offer several services traditional voice services, including long distance and local PRI.

Long-Distance from Stratus Networks

Whether your phone service needs are primarily in-state, international, or inbound, Stratus Networks will design the right option to meet those needs.

Stratus offers both Long-Distance Switched and Long-Distance Dedicated solutions based on your call volume. Long Distance Switched service uses local business telephone lines to access the Stratus network. By simply changing the business line “carrier code,” Stratus becomes the long-distance provider for 1+ calls with no additional hardware required. Switched solutions are typically best suited for businesses with lower call volumes.

Stratus Long-Distance Dedicated service uses a private and dedicated T-1 (1.544 Mb/s) digital circuit to provide direct and cost-effective access to the Stratus network. Up to 24 voice connections per dedicated circuit are available, resulting in significant savings when compared to traditional local business line access. Dedicated solutions are typically best suited for businesses with higher call volumes.

Let stratus find the right long-distance plan for your business.

What is Long-Distance Phone Service for Businesses? 

A business long-distance service can provide a reliable and high-quality phone service that allows a business to connect with customers and external branches of their business, including internationally.

Long-Distance Applications

Expand your company’s communication capabilities with Stratus' Long-Distance services. With our service, you will be able to:

  • Connect VoIP Networks Across the City, State, Country or World
  • Extend or Connect LANs Between Sites
  • High-Bandwidth Internet Access
  • Video Conferencing and Streaming
  • High-Speed File and Image Transfer
  • Remote Monitoring and Control Systems

Stratus Networks Long-distance Features

Stratus Networks' Long-Distance services offer many options to fit your business. Features include:

  • Switched (Non-Dedicated) or Dedicated (T-1) Access
  • Local, Intrastate, Interstate and Global Coverage
  • Toll-Free Code and Time of Day Routing Options
  • Call Blocking and Restriction Options
  • Calling Cards and Travel Cards
  • Account Code Support
  • Online Billing

How Stratus Will Deliver A Better Long-Distance Service to Your Company

Stratus Networks brings the best in telecommunications to your business. Here's why we firmly believe that our long-distance offering is the best available service for our customers:

  • Comprehensive Plan Analysis and Creation
  • 24/7 Network Surveillance & Support
  • Cost Savings with 6-Second Billing Increments
  • Customized Billing Options
  • Call Data Reports
  • Dedicated Project Management
  • Premium Connection Quality

Local PRI (ISDN)

These circuits are generally configured as 23 B channels +ID channel. This allows 23 usable voice channels with a separate D channel for transmitting data such as caller ID information. The dynamic ability of the ISDN to allocate incoming and outgoing calls allows for better utilization. These circuits provide crystal clear voice due to the digital nature.

Get the Long-Distance Service that Fits the Needs of Your Business with Stratus Networks.