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Voice Services

Voice Services – Businesses Can Rely on Stratus Networks

Whether they require switched, dedicated, or calling card voice services, businesses turn to Stratus. We provide both inbound and outbound calling around the United States and to more than 350 countries and locations. You can choose any combination of access methods from simple switched to dedicated service, including ISDN/PRI at each of your locations.

Stratus offers a variety of management tools to help you plan your network from a design, redundancy, and cost perspective with the added security that you are getting the most competitive rates in the marketplace. Our networks allow us to provide you with the lowest available costs without sacrificing network reliability. With our consultative approach and one-on-one service, you will never be without hands-on representation. Our billing is simple and easy to read and understand.

For crystal clear voice services, businesses rely on Stratus Networks. Our service never wavers and our customers are never overcharged.

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Hosted VoIP

Scalable – Pay as you grow
Flexible – Full administrator/user control
Redundancy through business grade connectivity
QoS and reduction of single point of failures
Customizable features and business continuity


Directory Assistance

Friendly midwestern U.S. operators
With or without call
completion Multiple
numbers per attempt
Thorough lookups


Conference Calling

Audio and web 7×24 live
operator support Audio and web recording,
storing and playback Full
integrated user interface for controlling call
Polling and voting WebEx/Live Meeting


SIP Trunking

Burst capacity Number mobility
Call configuration and full call functionality
Voice codec compression customizable
Priority routing Business continuity


Long Distance

Switched and dedicated 800/888 inbound service
Outbound – calling card
900 services
Flexible rate plans


Local Prime

23B + D channel T1
Use for voice or data applications
Digital solutions for higher call quality
E911 compliance

SIP Trunking

SIP trunking from Stratus Networks allow businesses of all sizes that have an in-house IP-PBX system to replace traditional ISDN and PSTN lines resulting in combined voice, internet, and WAN traffic over a single IP connection. In other words, By serving as a converter between a legacy phone system and a company’s Internet connection, a SIP-trunking device allows the data network to carry voice traffic. SIP trunking can offer significant cost-savings by eliminating the need for local PSTN gateways, costly ISDN BRIs (Basic Rate Interfaces) or PRIs (Primary Rate Interfaces). By utilizing SIP trunks, businesses can purchase high quality of service-enabled Internet or MPLS connections from Stratus.

SIP Trunking Components

Three key components are necessary to utilize SIP trunking:

  • An IP PBX – It communicates with all endpoints over an IP network. and can also switch calls between VoIP users on local lines while allowing all users to share a number of external phone lines.
  • TSP (Internet telephony service provider) – The ITSP ensures connectivity to the PSTN from an IP network and transports IP communications across a private IP network or public Internet.
  • Border element – Border elements are usually managed by the service provider and ifacilitates connectivity between an enterprise IP network, the PSTN, and an external IP-carrier network. The border element may consist of a SIP-capable firewall, a SIP-enabling edge device, or a switch to transfer calls into and out of the PSTN.



  • Competitive rates
  • Unsurpassed security
  • Reduced costs
  • Share your resources
  • Converged voice and data
  • Simple billing
  • System compatibility
  • 24/7 network surveillance and support



  • Burst capacity
  • Number mobility
  • Call configuration
  • Voice codec compression customizable
  • Full call functionality
  • Priority routing
  • Business Continuity

Hosted VoIP

There are many advantages for businesses of all
sizes to utilize a Hosted VoIP solution versus managing a traditional premise PBX phone system. With the increasing number of remote workers and portable devices being utilized for communications, hosted voice and cloud communications are becoming the norm.

With a fully-redundant hosted VoIP platform your phone service is always up and running regardless of the conditions in your area such as power outages, flooding, snow storms or other environmental circumstances.

Even if your office is damaged or inaccessible, the Internet control panel allows you to instantly reroute your calls to other available emergency office or cell phones.

Hosted VoIP Benefits

Whether your company is a small growing buisness or a large corporation, Hosted VoIP allows you to customize your communication needs with ease.

You can change or add locations and user lines at anytime, seamlessly connect remote offices and even monitor telecommuter productivity. No expensive on-premise equipment to switch, repair or replace and no IT staff required to maintain your communications.

  • Scalability – Pay as you grow for moves, adds, changes and deletes
  • Flexibility – Full administrator/user control over system features
  • Security – Redundance through business grade connectivity
  • Efficiency – Quality of Service and reduction of single point of failures
  • Customizable – Features to meet your individual business needs
  • Future-proof – Ensures the latest network upgrades and features
  • Business continuity – Remote call management can be manual or automated in the event of disaster recovery

Optional Features

  • Hotel Application
  • Property Management Application (PMS)
  • Check In
  • Check Out
  • Wake Up
  • 3rd Party Integration
  • Salesforce
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • SugarCRM
  • SageACT

Additional Optional Features

  • Call Center Application
  • Queue & Agent Statistics
  • Hang Up/Call Back
  • Supervisor “Whisper”
  • Supervisor Barge In
  • Wait Time Alerts
  • Full CRM Integration
  • Click 2 Dial
  • Caller ID “Pops”

Regardless of your business size or or type of industry you serve, Stratus Networks has the right hosted solution to meet and exceed your company’s requirements.

Directory Assistance

Stratus Directory Assistance service provides a cost effective alternative 411 services for businesses of all types and sizes. Incumbents frequently charge users up to $1.75 per call but by rerouting your 411 calls to Stratus you’ll be assured of savings, speed and flexibility.

Stratus Directory Assistance is the perfect way to avoid high and tough to manage 411 costs while ensuring that you have quick access to contact num- bers for those you need to contact now.

Directory Assistance Services


When cost, quality, reliability and ease of use are all priorities for voice communications, Stratus Directory Assistance services present an ideal solution. Whether you’re calling from the office, home or mobile you can expect exceptional service with exceptional savings.

Directory Assistance services are available with a comprehensive selection of options and features that can be customized to meet just about any need.


  • Call details (date, time, originating ANI) included on all invoices
  • Seamless integrations with current telephone systems
  • Easy to use toll-free 800 number access and speed
    dial programming
  • State-wide or address specific searches
  • Call completion or completion blocking options
  • 2 searches per call

Stratus Directory Assistance Advantage


Stratus delivers performance, savings and peace of mind for all of it’s custombers.


  • Competitive rates
  • Experienced (8 years average) and friendly service agents
  • Average time-to-answer of less than10 seconds
  • Bilingual (English/Spanish) support available
  • Reliable digital network provides premium connection quality
  • Reliable digital network provides premium connection quality
  • 24/7 support

Conference Calling

Conferencing provides your company with the most flexible method of having a meeting regardless of where meeting attendees are located. The Stratus Networks suite of conference products enable your company to conduct a conference at anytime you want without having to make prior reservations.

Whether your need is for an audio, web or video call, we have the perfect option. Our integrated dashboard allows you to manage the entire meeting giving you the freedom to run conferences anytime and anywhere.



  • Billed and serviced by Stratus Networks
  • Easy to read and understand billing statements
  • Dedicated project management on every account
  • Competitive rates and terms
  • Knowledgeable repair staff 24/7/365
  • Execellent references


  • Conference anytime – reservationless
  • Conference passcode – reserved automated
  • Conference assisted – operator assisted
  • Conference manager – operator managed

Video & Web Meetings

  • Microsoft Office Live Meeting
  • WebEx
  • WebDialogs/Unyte Meeting
  • Webcasting – streaming of audio and video
  • Video – multiple locations
  • Site certifications
  • Room management services

Long Distance

Stratus Long Distance service provides a complete range of voice communica- tions solutions for businesses of all types and sizes. Whether it’s connecting two offices in the same city or state or 100 branches across the country or world, long distance service enables a wide range of applications.

  • Connect VoIP networks across the city, state, country or world
  • Extend or connect LANs between sites
  • High bandwidth Internet access
  • Video conferencing and streaming
  • High-speed file and image transfer
  • Remote monitoring and control systems

Long Distance Services

When cost, quality, reliability and ease of use are all priorities for voice communications, Stratus long distance services present an ideal solution. Whether your needs are primarily in-state, international or inbound, Stratus delivers options to meet any need.

Stratus Long Distance Switched service uses local business telephone lines to access the Stratus network. By simply changing the business line “carrier code” Stratus becomes the long distance provider for 1+ calls. No additional hardware is required. Switched solutions are typically best suited for businesses with lower call volumes.

Stratus Long Distance Dedicated service uses a dedicated T-1 (1.544 Mb/s) digital circuit to provide direct and cost-effective access to the Stratus network. Up to 24 voice connections per dedicated circuit are available resulting in significant savings when compared to local business line access. Dedicated solutions are typically best suited for businesses with higher call volumes.

Options and Features


  • Switched (non-dedicated) or dedicated (T-1) access
  • Local, intrastate, interstate and global coverage
  • Toll-free code and time of day routing options
  • Call blocking/restriction options
  • Calling cards and travel cards
  • Account code support
  • Online billing

Long Distance Advantage

Stratus delivers performance, savings and peace of mind for all of it’s customers.

  • Comprehensive analysis determines best options for your business needs
  • Real cost savings through competitive rates with 6-second billing increments
  • Customized billing/call data reports • Flexible billing – online or paper
  • Dedicated project management for every deployment
  • Reliable digital network provides premium connection quality
  • 24/7 network surveillance & support

Local Prime

Local T1 – Stratus Networks offers full traditional 24 channel voice T1s. These lines are perfect for customers that have only one type of traffic — in- bound or outbound.

Local PRI (ISDN) – These circuits are generally configured as 23 B channels +ID channel. This allows 23 usable voice channels with a separate D chan- nel for transmitting data such as caller ID information. The dynamic ability of the ISDN to allocate incoming and outgoing calls allows for better utilization. These circuits provide crystal clear voice due to the digital nature.

Integrated Access – Stratus will provide your company with a full communica- tions solution by combining local, long distance and Internet access all of the same circuit. These circuits can be configured in many different combina- tions of voice to data and tailored to meet the specific needs of the individual customer. This provides the ultimate in flexibility!

  • Traditional 24 channel T1s
  • Integrated access with all equipment provided
  • All products with local, intrastate and interstate calling ability



  • Flexible and scalable solutions
  • Competitive rates
  • Single source of accountability
  • Dedicated project manager on every circuit
  • Flexible billing options including online and paper
  • Dedicated project manager on every circuit
  • 24/7 network maintenance by highly trained staff

Local Calling Applications


  • Connect to your PBX for local, intrastate and interstate voice calling
  • Use integrated access to handle your data needs on your voice circuit
  • Call center tracking
  • Router management on the Internet • E911 compliant
  • Digital solutions for higher call quality

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