Express Connect (Direct Peering)

Connect Your Network with Partners and the Cloud

Companies operating on the Cloud can offer benefits to your network, from lessening the strain of high traffic on your network to improving the protection from a potential breech. This can be accomplished through Direct Peering, which Stratus Network offers through our advanced solution named Express Connect.

Express Connect from Stratus Networks

With Express Connect from Stratus Networks, your company will have the ability to directly connect your private network with hundreds of content and cloud companies. These direct connections will ease network congestion, increase security, and free up Internet bandwidth.

Stratus can infuse connections of up to 10 gigs directly into your network environment, enabling your company to have a dedicated connection to one or multiple cloud providers.

Some companies we can connect to include:
  • Google Cloud Interconnect
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
  • IBM
  • Salesforce
  • SAP

What is Peering?

Direct Peering allows multiple Internet networks to exchange traffic without the expense of paying a third party to shift the traffic to a secondary network.

Express Connect Specifications and Options:

  • Peering Access with Companies Including Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Service through a Direct VLAN
  • IEEE 802.1Q Trunking Encapsulation Support
  • Direct Bi-Lateral Peering through Private VLAN

Bring the Benefits of Direct Peering to Your Company with Express Connect from Stratus Networks.